What Clients Say About The Evans Group

I cannot begin to express my thankfulness to Greg Evans for his dedication, patience (needed quite a bit), attention to detail, persistence and professionalism. The sale of my house was NOT as smooth as it started in the beginning of the transaction process, but Greg stayed in the game until the end for that alone I am forever thankful. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I am now freed from bondage thanks to Greg Evans. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to buy or sell. Greg is the best! ? S. Morrison, May 2014

S. Morrison

Greg is the most professional and knowledgeable realtor I've had the pleasure to work with. He is cool under pressure and exactly what we needed to buy our home through a short sell. Simply phenomenal!

Glynda Lilly

Greg Evans is the epitome of a Realtor! His expertise and guidance was the linchpin to the success of our short sale and the purchase of a new home in the same month. His phenomenal customer service skills and patience were evident from start to finish. He even went above and beyond and ensured a seamless transition to our new home by being diligent in his efforts to make sure the builder stayed the course and that our settlement details were in perfect order prior to closing. Not to mention, he aided me in completing the majority of this process from another state. As a military member and second time home buyer, I have never come across a more professional and well versed Realtor than Mr. Evans. Without his proficiency in short sales, we would have never been able to sell our home due to a decrease in our home value during the decline of the housing market and make a successful transition to a new state. I highly recommend Mr. Evans as a preferred Realtor to all military members and those who want only the best in navigating the short sale process. Thank you Mr. Evans, for everything!

Tamara George

I looked up "dynamic realtor" in Webster's dictionary...... and there was Greg's photo. The best darn realtor there is. Informative, comprehensive, thorough, patient, professional (even in the midst of adversity). The Master of not just short sales, but ALL sales. Let Greg handle your real estate needs. You won't regret it. Thanks, Greg, for making it painless.

Deborah Wilson Johnson

I would like to thank you for the excellent showmanship and professionalism you showed me with purchasing my new home and the selling of my current townhouse. I was unsure of how things would turn out with my current townhouse being undervalued after the market dropped, but with you confidence and expert knowledge in the real estate market, you made me believe that I could sale my townhouse under a short sale in today's economy. I would like to thank you for all that you have done , and would recommend you to other individuals who are currently experiencing the same situation as I did. Thanks you for everything.

KC Jones, Jr

"In This Market" Even though the housing market has been crazy for the last few years Greg Evans has been consistent. I was referred to Greg four years ago when I was trying to sell my condo. Through the good and bad of the market Greg was there working. He just never stopped, always kept me informed with what was going on, even if it was nothing. With all of his diligence and hard work, he got my deal done. I truly appreciate his tireless effort, to see this through to the end. He never quit or even mentioned quitting when I was ready to give up. Good Job Mr. Evans

Brian T. McQueen

I want to express how thankful I am to have worked with Greg Evans!!! He interviewed me to get an idea as to the must haves in my home. He would send me an updated list of homes that fit my criteria every other day. Mr. Evans was easy to talk to and a very knowledgeable Realtor. If you or someone you know is looking for a new home or to sell your existing home, I would highly recommend that you use him. He will move you to next level.

April Sampe'

Greg Evans helped me get my home. It was in a foreclosure with many many many obstacles, and no matter what was put before him, he was able to handle it with ease.. Thank you Greg.

Tonya Hayes

Greg Evans handled my short sale that lasted well over a year. He stuck with me throughout, kept me informed about what was going on and guided me through that short sale process. I was able to sale my property without having to owe the bank anything. I will be using Greg for my next home purchase. Very knowledgeable.

Julian Dashield

Greg is more than a Realtor. He is a proven, battle tested, commited professional and master at his trade. His passion is real estate. He's a trusted advisor. Greg directed me completely through the purchase of a Short Sale property that is now my castle. I am truly grateful for all his efforts; from his recommendation to an excellent lender in Daunte Duckett, to a contractor and settlement agent. "Go with Greg and The Evans Group." Thank you sir and friend.

J Morrison
I just want to thank you and your fabulous team for such careful attention  assisting me to purchase my beautiful home. The Evans Group Prime Residential LLC treated me with respect, class and dignity and I am thankful that you took the time to personally tend to my needs.
Will Henderson